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Thomas Edison said, "Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration."
So be sure you have the right people helping you with the perspiration part.

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Patent Prosecution
Trellis was founded as a patent prosecution firm with a specialization in electronics, computer and software technologies. Patents written by our professionals have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in licensing and sales, and have withstood the scrutiny of intense litigation involving Fortune 500 companies. Today, Trellis maintains a specialized patent prosecution practice for a few select clients.
Patent Monetization
We license and sell patents on behalf of companies and individuals. Whether the valuation is large or small, we are able to design a strategy that includes the appropriate resources for the project such as patent prosecution, brokering, licensing, litigation or funding. When needed, we can architect and manage a project that includes participation by larger firms and companies.
Portfolio Development
We are expert at developing a complete set of patents to comprehensively protect an idea where others would typically file a single patent. Our deep understanding of today's patent markets allows us to protect an idea to its full commercial value and to craft the portfolio in a way that presents an appealing package to a buyer.